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Do sanctions work?- Inside Story

   Al Jazeera English
   Published: 2 weeks ago


It's a cycle of provocation, condemnation followed by sanctions. Repeated time and time again.
North Korea has been under some form of UN or U.S. sanction for the better part of the past 25 years.
Now, the security council has imposed more sanctions targeting Pyongyang's oil imports and textile exports.
Existing sanctions don't seem to have much sway in preventing the government from developing its nuclear and missile programmes.

So, how will these new sanctions be any different?
And have previous sanctions had any impact on other governments? Or is it the people who suffer the most?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Emil Dall - Research Fellow specialising in nuclear proliferation and sanctions policy at the Royal United Services Institute.

Sarah Brockmeier - Project Manager at the Global Public Policy Institute.

Richard Poplak - Senior contributor to the Daily Maverick.

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